Sunday, 18 February 2018

My first experience at University and why I chose to go back again


When I was 18 along with all of my other friends at the time I was convinced university was the only option out there for me. At college/sixth form I feel like university is forced upon you, and if you chose not to go you are kind of frowned upon. With all my friends excited to move away and continue studying whatever their chosen path was, I felt like I had to follow. I applied to study Fashion Photography at Southampton Solent, the university my college best friend Jess had also chosen. I mean looking back now I only chose to study at Southampton because Jess did (first mistake). We moved down there excited to start our new lives and within the first 24 hours I got overly drunk, was sick way too many times, and had a mental breakdown requesting my mum picked me up immediately. Luckily Jess told me to man up and I made an effort to settle in and get used to uni life. 
 I shared a flat with 12 people and at the end of the hallway we had a tiny kitchen, it was awful. If the sink wasn't full of mould it was full of sick instead. My flat mates were all lovely but the girls were what I can only describe as like living with the people in Geordie Shore. As hard as I tried to fit in, and as hard as they tried to include me it was pretty obvious even though we got on, I wasn't like them at all. My course was what I can only describe as a hot mess, and Southampton as a location to live in was just not for me. Jess had made her own set of friends and I started to feel like I was pretty much on my own. 
Even though I knew university wasn't for me I was too scared to tell anyone because I didn't want them to be disappointed. I had stopped eating and was constantly ill, eventually causing me to lose two stone. I mean I looked awful but I didn't realise at the time, only when I look back now I realise how tiny I really was. It was only when I came back at christmas that my family saw me and realised something wasn't right. They pretty much had to drag me back after the break but I then became so ill and weak my Dad rang, told me to pack all my stuff and picked me up in the night. I was so happy I didn't have to go back, but I had pretty much lost all of my confidence and returned to the realisation that all of my friends had moved away. I also had no source of income and wasn't sure exactly what it was I wanted to do, so I started a blog to pass the time.
When I originally started this blog I hoped to make it into something. However the truth is everyone is a blogger these days and I just never had the time, so I kept it as a hobby. I got a job at Topshop full time, and it literally did change my life. As much as I moan about it Topshop gave me all my confidence, an amazing group of friends, and my boyfriend. However I was still confused about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, the only thing I knew was that fashion was one of my only interests. So when I decided I wanted to be a Topshop Personal Shopper, work helped me to get some experience but I kept getting knock backs because I didn't have a degree. 

So at 21 I went back to college with my friend Brad from Topshop, after we decided to start operation sort our fucking lives out. I studied Fashion Business for a year and then applied to Nottingham Trent University to study Fashion Management. I mean I was at college with a bunch of 17 year olds and I am now at uni where the majority in my year are 19, it's not ideal. But it is so worth it, and everyone is so nice. My course is pretty broad so there's parts where I sit there in my lectures about woven fabrics litro losing the will. But my course has already led me to the most amazing internship at Laced working in fashion PR and Marketing, which has made me finally realise what I want to do. I mean its took me 23 years and I will be 26 when I graduate, most of my friends will probably be married with kids by then but oh well. 

 My advice is to deffo look into what course and university is right for you before you make a quick choice, and to also not feel pressured about having to go at all. Also age really isn't important, everyone these days feel like they have to be at a certain stage in their lives depending on how old they are. Age is literally just a number and every individual is different.


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Outfit: Barcelona Look book

   All my outfits worn on my blog are featured on my Instagram, with all items tagged.


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Travel: W Barcelona

I have just come back from my third trip to Barcelona and have so much to write about! For my first Barcelona post I had to write about the W hotel. The W Barcelona is somewhere I have always wanted to stay, especially after visiting for their Wet Deck party last year. After looking into prices when looking to book I did think the price point was rather high, however it is totally worth it. Unless you have a lot of money to spare it may be better to do what we did and book two places to stay. We chose to go for five days and four nights, and for the first three stayed in an apartment booked through Friendly Rentals. For the last night we stayed at the amazing W hotel.

 The Room

  We booked the fabulous room which meant we had a guaranteed view of the sea and the beach. I would definitely recommend to go for the fabulous room as the views are insane. The double bed is king size and so cosy. The room also has its own bar, huge wardrobe space, and a wet room shower. The best thing about the room is definitely the view, and something that you won't get at any other hotel in Barcelona. Even the curtains open and close with the press of a button right next to your bed!

The Hotel 

  The hotel itself is unreal with a nightclub/cocktail bar, spa, and two pools just some of the things for guests to enjoy. My favourite part of the hotel is their infinity pool on the sun deck, it is hidden away so make sure you don't miss it. I didn't have time to visit the spa or the eclipse nightclub but apparently they are a must!

Places to eat/drink
  There are so many food places to choose from at the W. For breakfast we chose the buffet which is 33 euros each. However this was the only disappointing thing about the hotel, the breakfast was so random and the food wasn't the best. There is also breakfast available at Bravo 24 restaurant in the W, this would probably be the better option. For lunch we chose to go down to the W's beach bar Salt. It is right on the beach with a sea view, and I am still craving the pizza a week later. It was our last dinner in Barcelona so we wanted it to be the best. We originally chose to eat at Bravo 24 but it was full booked so we went to Wave instead. If you are wanting to eat at Bravo make sure you book before as it books up pretty quickly. However I am so glad we went to Wave restaurant as the food was amazing. We both had a fillet steak with crispy potato mille-fueille, then for dessert I chose the white chocolate sphere with cheesecake inside. I would definitely recommend both dishes.


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Travel: Two days in London

Lets face it London is expensive, but so is going away anywhere. I am currently saving for my trip to Barcelona later this month,  so when the girls suggested getting away for a couple of days in London I couldn't say no. I am lucky enough to have friends living in London so didn't need to worry about finding a place to stay. If you are looking to visit London on a budget look at the National Express coach, it can sometimes cost only £5 for a return.

Day One
 I would recommend to book travel early if you live far out, its better to have two full days in London rather than spending half of it on travelling. The first thing I always want to do in London is eat, we wanted something quick and easy so chose Shake Shack. If you haven't already been you need to go the cheese fries are life. After food comes shopping and where else better to go than Oxford Street, also check out Carnaby Street for cute shops and photo ops. Covent Garden is also a must with even more shops and small independent food places.

In the evening we went to Knightsbridge and chose to eat out at Restaurant Ours. This restaurant is unreal and so is the food. If you haven't been before the menu is one the pricey side but if you go as a group it works out cheaper. The menu features a selection of small plates and advises people to pick a range of dishes off the menu and share them. This is what we did and it definitely worked out best. If you are looking at going I would definitely pre book as it is rather popular, and if you are not sure what to order the Truffle Taglietelle is amazing. Not only is the food amazing but it is also instagram girl central. If you want them cute pics for the gram this is the place to go. I mean there was a queue of girls at their famous flower wall, but we all know what we are like. 

Day Two
  Day two we pretty much packed everything we could in the last day. We got around by tube using the Citymapper app which made things easier. We chose to go for brunch at the Breakfast Club, I have been here a few times now and the food is the best. I always have the All American which is pancakes with syrup, bacon, sausage, and potatoes. After eating we got the tube over to Harrods because I just had to buy the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks, they are matte yet don't dry your lips out at all. We then chose to visit the Saatchi Gallery just off Kings Road in Chelsea, this is another totally instagrammable gallery. Sometimes the gallery can be a bit hit and miss but their social media exhibition at the moment is a must. Just before heading back home we couldn't miss out on a trip to Peggy Porschen Cakes. Peggy's is not only the cutest but their cakes are so delicious. I always order a different cake and their pink lemonade. Just to pre warn you, you will be surrounded by bloggers hosting their own photo-shoot everywhere, it is quite funny to watch and ofc it would be rude not to join in.
  Hopefully will be visiting London a lot more now my friends have moved there so let me know if theres anything you would like me to review/visit/mention. Sorry I don't post much I am the worst at blogging regularly, but should have loads of content from Barcelona in the next few weeks. 


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Best Sale Picks

Sale shopping is a nightmare lets be honest! Constantly filtering through everything hoping to find a bargain can take way too much time. To make sale shopping a little easier I have gone through the sales for you, and chosen my favourite sale picks.

1)here 2)here 3)here 4)here 5)here 6)here
1)here  2)here 3)here 4)here 5)here


1)here 2)here 3)here 4)here

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Outfit:When you dress like a palm tree

  I recently brought this co-ord from Zara, and even though its something I wouldn't normally wear I thought I would try and go out my comfort zone. After trying to decide whether to take it back for like a month I posted it on Instagram and got so many nice messages off people. So I decided to shoot it the next day! The weather was so awful so I asked (extra nicely) if The Curious Townhouse would let me shoot in there, luckily they said yes and their top room is amazing. The room is often used for afternoon tea but it is a perfect location for photo-shoot with their pink walls, and rust coloured bar. I am so fussy when it comes to photos I think I could take around five hundred and only like three. But my photographer for the day pulled through (thanks Jenko). I'm not about the hiring photographers life as I feel like my social media is no way at that stage, and in reality I'm just a poor student. So when I want to shoot looks for my blog I often just rely on my friends, luckily they are pros. I also decided not to edit my photos as I have seen way too much airbrushing recently and it stresses me out. This explains why I have one normal eye and one red eye in these photos. Oh well as long as my outfit looks sass.


Monday, 29 May 2017

Travel: Best places to visit in Paris

Way back in February Ryan and I went to Paris. This Paris trip was my birthday present off Ryan (best birthday present ever), and I had been counting down since my birthday in December. Even though the outfit choices are slightly inappropriate for the weather we currently have, I thought I would write a blog post about places to visit and see! Some places you have probably seen a thousand times before but hopefully some will be different. It was absolutely freezing in Paris when we went so the bigger the coat the better, if you are planning to go in winter next year. We pretty much walked everywhere as I am one of those people who has to see everything while on holiday, and luckily Ryan is too. 
Disney Land Paris
 When visiting paris I feel like Disney Land is a must. After making Ryan take about 100 photos of me outside the castle we finally got to explore. Most of the rides we wanted to go on were closed which was a shame but we still had the best time. For food we ate at Planet Hollywood after walking round trying to decide where to eat for about an hour. 

Ferdi Paris
You may have heard of Ferdi from Keeping up with the Kardashian's. Kim actually described it as her favourite restaurant of all time and celebs like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Justin Bieber are regulars. I needed to know what all the fuss was about so Ryan and I decided to book on our first night. Booking a table is a job itself as the restaurant is so small and fully booked most nights. However if you want to visit Paris and book a table here you will need to book via text message (weird I know). The restaurant itself is so cute and the staff were so lovely. The restaurant is decorated with old toys literally everywhere! Quite random but I guess its what makes the decor different to other places in Paris. But the best thing about this place is the food. The food is unreal! I wish I could steal the recipe for their burger sauce, because honestly it was the best burger I ever had. We ordered cheeseburgers, fries, and a mac and cheese to share. The mac and cheese is packed with cheese and literally unreal, I now get the Kardashian's obsession with it. However if you are unable to travel to Paris they have now opened a second restaurant in London Mayfair, I haven't been able to go yet but I'm sure its just as good.
(apologies for the bad quality picture, I was too eager to eat)

Trocadero/Eiffel Tower
  Trocadero is the place to go to get the best view of the Eiffel Tower. It is also the best place to get the perfect photo op. By this point of the holiday Ryan fully accepted he is now also my personal photographer, and started to (kind of) enjoy it. You also need to make sure you visit the Eiffel Tower at night to watch the lights, it was amazing!

Kong Paris

Kong Paris was the highlight of my trip. After searching through "best restaurant in paris" and everything else I finally came across Kong. Kong is featured right next to the Louis Vuitton headquarters, you can even see in the offices while eating your food. But if that doesn't impress you, you also get an amazing view of Paris. The restaurant is right at the top of the building and has glass windows round the edge of the room, giving everyone the best view. The decor was even more impressive and we were lucky enough to get the best seats in the house. Food wise it was definitely the best fillet of steak I have ever had, I didn't want it to end! With the steak came black pepper sauce and pommes des frites. If you are visiting Paris and want a night to remember I would definitely recommend Kong. All together to bill came to 120 euros which wasn't too bad as we ordered a lot. 

 Laduree is a popular blogger spot and I would definitely recommend it. If you are looking to book for a table I would get there early and expect to wait, as it is popular. As the wait was too long we decided to take away a selection of macaroons, I have never tried macaroons before and they were amazing. Such a cute gift to bring back from Paris too!

Palais du Royal
  You will probably have wondered where the place with the black and white things that all the bloggers pose on is. So after searching on Instagram I finally found it. Apart from being so Instagrammable the gardens are so cute, and the louvre is just round the corner from it. 

Galleries Lafayette
  Galleries lafayette is featured in central Paris and is their famous department store. Apart from the building itself being amazing, its full of everything designer. I spent way to much in their make-up section, they have everything you could want under one roof. 

Would definitely recommend Paris to anyone! 

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